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our story

CrossFit PTBO was born July 2015 – our doors officially opened end of August 2015. They had a vision of what they wanted in a CrossFit gym and there was nothing like it in town. They took the leap and decided to open up CrossFit PTBO.

Their first location was 638 The Kingsway and it was just over 4000 sqft of space. They made it their own space but they always knew this wasn’t going to be their home. Dave began working full-time at the gym as of January 2016 and by a stroke of luck, around May 2016, they found their second location, 680 The Queensway (over 6000 sqft). All the stars lined up and they moved into their new location July 2016. Fast forward to May 2020, CrossFit PTBO moved to 701 The Queensway and it has instantly become our home.

They have been evolving since then by building up their personal training portfolio, growing the Weightlifting Club, expanding in group CrossFit classes, and specialty programs. They are constantly trying to reinvest into the business.

Ruth and Dave are committed to their staff and members, and are driven to providing the best services to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Active Life Immersion

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Founders of Crossfit PTBO

Dave Stewart and Ruth Cheng

meet your support team

Crossfit PTBO Coach

Jess Verwey

Head Weightlifting Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma
Active Life Immersion

Jess started CrossFit in 2014 and has been coaching since 2017. She has always been very active – she rode horses for many years, played rugby in high school, boxed at a local club and was a long distance runner for 2 years. She joined CrossFit after running her first marathon and has never looked back. For her, it’s been refreshing to share space with such a diverse group of people; she enjoys sweating and putting in hard work. She loves that it’s constantly changing and enjoy being part of the community. As a coach, she loves to help people improve and learn new skills. She initially joined PTBO to be part of the Weightlifting team, so it’s not surprising that she likes heavy barbells, but somehow enjoys doing burpees too!

Crossfit PTBO Coach

Emma Crozier

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (Online)
Bachelor's in Kinesiology - Western University
Master's in Physiotherapy - Western University

Emma grew up participating in competitive dance and gymnastics. Her fascination with the human body and its capabilities naturally led her to attain a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and a Masters in Physical Therapy. She now works as a Registered Physiotherapist in Peterborough and enjoys helping individuals of all ages get back to the sports and activities they love. Her personal journey with CrossFit began in 2017 at a time in her life when she was transitioning away from group sport and competition. She quickly fell in love with the unique challenge of the sport as well as being a part of the amazing community. As a coach, Emma strives to help every athlete develop a positive mindset around fitness and health so they can excel in life and performance!

Blaine Stevenson

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (Online)

Growing up playing baseball and football, team sports had a heavy influence on Blaine. Beginning CrossFit in 2016, initially being introduced by his dad. Within days, he fell in love with the community and the interactions between those in the gym. After continuing to learn more from various people and coaches, Blaine was invested to be a coach himself.

Through sports Blaine has played competitive baseball in Peterborough for 10+ years. As well as 5 years of football at Adam Scott, and 1 year with the Wolverines. He has coached at baseball camps, and assisted with his brother’s teams as well.

Currently, Blaine is at Trent University taking Psychology. He has always been a part of the gym and is insanely invested in the community itself. With that and a passion to gain more knowledge on how to live a healthier life, he is excited to put that into the gym.

Victoria Lombardi


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (Online)
Standard First Aid BLS/CPR (HCP)
Paramedic Student at Fleming College
Bachelor's of Community Youth Work - York University

Having been a team sport athlete for most of her life, Victoria thrives in a community where everyone wins together and in finding CrossFit PTBO in 2019, she found this community. Seeing how much CrossFit contributes to one’s overall health, kept her coming back for the next WOD. She was learning so much from the coaches that becoming a part of the CrossFit PTBO team was a must.

Always active and competitive, Victoria loves learning new sports which is how she’s found her way to the OUA Volleyball Championship with the York U Women’s Volleyball team, Rowing with the Peterborough Rowing Club and has even coached youth and adults in axe throwing at the Peterborough Axe Club.

Currently, Victoria is completing her Paramedic Degree at Fleming College. She also holds a Bachelor’s in Community Youth Work and has studied Kinesiology at York University. The human body has always fascinated her, and she is looking forward to using the knowledge of her studies and her desire to help others in a career in health care and in the gym.