CrossFit PTBO is only a safe and positive space for our members to work out and socialize in when we all work together to make it so. Here is a short list of gym rules all members should follow and respect.

CrossFit PTBO Rules

1 - Introduce Yourself To Newcomers

Say hi to someone you don’t know and give them a high five!

2 - Check In/Sign Up For Class

Be sure to sign up for a class and check in prior to class starting.

3 - Respect Other Athletes’ Space

Be sure to give other athletes their space while working out– especially when they are lifting heavy.

4 - Respect The Equipment

Do not drop kettle bells or empty barbells.

5 - If You’ve Sweat On, Bled On, Or Cried On Equipment, Wipe It Down

Everyone wants to use clean equipment – please wipe down what you use.

6 - Be Positive & Show Your Support

Newcomers may be nervous for the first few months and someone else may be having an off day – cheer them on!

7 - Only Put Your Equipment Away Once Everyone Has Completed The WOD

Cheer on the last person finishing the WOD, then put your equipment away.

8 - No Pets Inside

Pets are welcome but let’s keep them outside to enjoy the fresh air and keep the allergies to a minimum! If it’s too hot or too cold, have them stay home and relax!

8 - Scent free facility

Some people are allergic – let’s keep it scent free!