Book a “No Sweat Into” to meet a coach, check out our facility, and see if we are compatible! Please see below for our membership details, discounts, drop-in policy, and FAQs. If you still have an unanswered question, email us at

CrossFit Memberships


Monthly Fee

  • Unlimited access to all CrossFit classes,  CrossFit Open Gym, and ROMWOD
  • Wodify account to see daily WODs and register for classes
  • $119.47/month plus HST


8-Class Pass

  • Eight classes per month
  • Access to all available CrossFit classes, and CrossFit Open Gym
  • Wodify account to see daily WODs and register for classes
  • $95.58/month plus HST



  • Five private one-hour sessions learning basic CrossFit movements and Olympic lifts
  • Mandatory for new members
  • Access to Wodify account
  • $240 plus HST



  • Ages between 9-14 years old
  • Wednesdays at 5:30-6:20pm
  • Wodify account to register for classes
  • $40/month plus HST


Open Gym

  • Access to CrossFit Open Gym
  • Wodify account to register for classes
  • $71.68/month  plus HST

One session


  • Get in contact to reserve your spot for a CrossFit class, CrossFit Open Gym, or ROMWOD
  • $20/drop-in


Fitness for Moms

  • For moms/moms-to-be (and babies)
  • Led by Dr. Sarah Wild, Family Chiropractor and Pre/post-natal specialist
  • Working towards rehab your body back to exercise safely postpartum
  • Every Wednesday at 10:15am for six weeks
  • Contact for start dates
  • $70.80 plus HST


Personal Training

  • Tailored to individual fitness level
  • Flexible scheduling
  • 30min sessions
    • Per session – $40
    • 10 pass – $380 ($20 savings)
    • 20 pass – $720 ($80 savings)
  • 60min sessions
    • Per session – $60
    • 10 pass – $570 ($30 savings)
    • 20 pass – $1080 ($120 savings)
  • Prices above does not include tax

Weightlifting Memberships



  • Classes run 3x/week
  • Access to 4x/week program
  • Access to WL Open Gym
  • Wodify account to register for classes
  • $115.04/month plus HST


Open Gym

  • Access to WL Open Gym
  • Wodify account to register for classes
  • $71.68/month plus HST



  • Three one-on-one private sessions
  • Sessions based on your schedule/gym space availability
  • $165  plus HST

CrossFit and Weightlifting Membership



  • All features of unlimited monthly CrossFit membership
  • All features of WL program membership
  • $148.14/month plus HST

Membership Details

  • Non-refundable and not transferable.
  • Students receive 10% off unlimited monthly memberships.
  • All billing occurs via direct bank withdrawal from a valid bank account but we do have the option of check or cash (preferred method of direct bank withdrawal for convenience and to minimize transaction fees)
  • Monthly unlimited memberships automatically renew each month
  • You will be charged a fee of $25 for declined or insufficient funds
  • If you would like to make changes to your account or to cancel your membership, please email at least two weeks before your membership renewal date

Discount Details

  • If an existing member refers a new member and they sign up for an unlimited monthly membership, the referrer will receive 10% off their next month unlimited membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I train before starting CrossFit?

No! In fact, many of our members have never been to the gym because they didn’t like the traditional style of workouts that every other place offers. The beauty of CrossFit is that it is scalable for all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and physical differences. What that means is that a new CrossFitter and a veteran CrossFitter can do the same workout, but the workout is scaled according to each athlete’s fitness level.

Prior to joining our classes, you must have completed our Fundamentals program if you do not have any CrossFit experience. Our coaches will assess whether or not you can waive the Fundamentals program. Click here to get started!

What is 'The Fundamentals'?

The Fundamentals is designed to set you up for success prior to starting our general classes. The movements we perform are unique and take some time and practice in the beginning to learn how to execute them properly. Through our Fundamentals program, you will be educated on what CrossFit is and why we think it is a great way to get you fit.

The Fundamentals is a 6 session introductory program with each session lasting 1 hour. These sessions run over a two-week period with three sessions per week. Once you have successfully completed The Fundamentals, you will have unlimited access to CrossFit classes and Open Gym slots for the remainder of the month.

How does Wodify work and what does it have to offer?

Wodfiy offers our members a single point of access to everything CrossFit PTBO related. It lets you see and book into classes, as well as seeing who will be coaching and who else has signed up for the class.
With their social integration, members can have their results automatically shared for their friends to see on Facebook and/or Twitter. Box leader boards, a nutrition journal and performance history are some of the core features which are tailored for our members and are available through Wodify.

As an added bonus, Wodify provides a slick smartphone app allowing for members to access all of this functionality on the go, whilst adding a few more nice features like notifications of when your records have been beat.

I’m a new member, how do I create a profile?

There are a few ways to set up your Athlete profile through Wodify.

First, you can purchase one of the memberships from above: Unlimited Monthly Membership, 10-class pass, or The Fundamentals. Click on the link and it will walk you step-by-step on purchasing the membership and it will prompt you with creating an Athlete profile.

Second, if there are prior arrangements on receiving a discount or special arrangement, or you just want someone to create your profile manually, give us a call or send us an email and we can get that set up for you. We will require the following information: email address, date of birth, and cell phone number.

Once profiles are set up, we will then make arrangements to sign a per-authorized bank withdrawal form to set up your membership. Waivers are signed electronically through your Wodify account as well.

Be sure to down the Wodify app on your smartphone to access it at anytime!

How can I pay?

We will accept direct bank withdrawal, cash, or cheque (payable to Peterborough Athletics – CrossFit PTBO). Our preferred method would be direct bank withdrawal for convenience and to minimize our transaction fees.

How do class reservations work?

If you plan to attend a class, you must reserve a spot. Registration opens two weeks before the class. You can sign up for a class right up until the start time of that class.

If the class you want to attend is full, you can add yourself to the wait list. Cancellations do happen and a spot may be made available for you.

You may cancel a class reservation up until two hours prior to the class. If you do not cancel in time or have a no-show, we will assign a 30 burpee penalty. Please be sure to cancel in time because it is unfair to other members who would like to attend or are on the wait list. If this behavior becomes a regular occurrence, we reserve the right to charge a no-show fee of $5.

If you attend a class that you did not sign up for, and the class is full, the coach reserves the right to disallow you from participating in the class or modify your WOD to accommodate equipment and space availability.

Please keep in mind Open Gym counts as a class towards your 10-class pass. If you are doing Open Gym and a CrossFit class, please reserve a spot in both classes, at the appropriate times.

Is there parking?

Yes. We have two driveways. The driveway right before the CrossFit PTBO sign belongs to us so please park in any of the available parking spaces. When you park here, you will need to walk to the other side of the building to access the front door.

The other driveway is right after the CrossFit PTBO sign. The row of spaces closest to ``OUTDOORsmart!`` belongs to the Canadian Diabetes Association. Please do not park in front of the Canadian Diabetes Association building. Let’s keep the parking traffic to a minimum on this side so please park in the other lot!

Do you have showers and change rooms?

We currently have one bathroom. We understand that having a shower would be a huge plus and it is on our to-do list to add in a shower and an additional three piece bathroom. Please be patient with us as it is not a cheap venture!

What does {term} mean?

Prescribed” (aka “Rx’d”) and “scaled”: “As prescribed” or “as Rx’d” means when a workout is done at the recommended weight and repetition scheme. If you “scale” the workout, it is modified by decreasing the weight, number or repetitions, or changing the exercises themselves.

AMRAP: As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible

EMOM: Every Minute, on the Minute

WOD: Workout of the Day

Chipper: WOD composed of 5 to 10 movements that you only go through once.