Dedicated Co-Owners

Within the first year of CrossFitting, both Dave and Ruth have wanted to open their own CrossFit box in Peterborough, Ontario. With hard work, perseverance and making sure to always think about what the community wants, they have opened one of the best boxes in the area.

World Class Facility

When choosing a facility to house a CrossFit box and the CrossFit PTBO Weightlifting Club, there are many considerations to be made; no compromises were made when choosing the current location. From its large gym space, to its specialized weightlifting area, everything has a purpose. This is one CrossFit box you will not forget.

It's Not All Hardwork ...

From the rig to the couches, one of the pillars of CrossFit PTBO is supporting and fostering the community. With social outings to local restaurants, and trips to competitions, there is something for everyone.

Made with love by the community, for the community.

The CrossFit community is what makes it unique. Dave and Ruth embrace the community around them and continually solicit feedback and advice from it. We are all in this together.

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What is CrossFit?

To keep it simple, CrossFit is a fun and challenging way to get fit – for many, probably the fittest they have ever been.
  • Fitness
  • Challenging
  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Unbelievable Accomplishments

CrossFit Games

The Games are styled as a venue for determining the “Fittest on Earth,” where competitors should be ready for anything. They endure approximately 14 events in four days. Games athletes achieve the impossible.
  • Competition
  • Inspiring
  • Dedication
  • Blood, Sweat & Tears

The Community

The CrossFit community is the most evident when you are enduring one of the toughest WODs or you’re just having an off day. You just want to give up but your community will make sure that you don’t. Bonds are formed and community is created but you can participate as much as you want but beware – it’s infectious!
  • Friends
  • Support
  • Team Work
  • Encouraging

2017 CrossFit PTBO Open

Annually, the CrossFit community worldwide participate in the CrossFit Open. This is everyone's chance to see how they stack up worldwide as an athlete. It is meant to showcase how far you have come, all the hard work you have put in, and to have fun!
  • Community
  • Hard work
  • Camaraderie
  • Determination
CrossFit PTBO
I love the CrossFit community, the positive vibes, and the variety of each WOD. I am now doing things like squats no longer from a box, but to the CrossFit standard. After the CrossFit Open, I had this feeling of being proud. Not only of myself but of finishing the WODS, and being a member of the CrossFit PTBO community.
Sarah Radnor - Member
CrossFit PTBO
CrossFit Sudbury
Let me just say that the facility is amazing and will provide its athletes with everything that they need to pursue their fitness. Dave and Ruth are truly amazing people who are dedicated to creating a gym that holds CrossFit's values of community, fun, and putting the athletes first.
James Bottrell - Coach
CrossFit Sudbury
CrossFit PTBO
From the first time I stepped into CrossFit PTBO, I knew it would be a great fit. Some gyms claim to be 'about you' - this gym feels like home and Dave and Ruth will make sure it's what you need. The coaches have a diverse expertise and you won't need to look far to find a member who can challenge you. Stop by and visit - you won't regret it!
Dr. Andre Nimigan - Member
CrossFit PTBO
Sarah Radnor - MemberCrossFit PTBOJames Bottrell - CoachCrossFit SudburyDr. Andre Nimigan - MemberCrossFit PTBO

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