CrossFit PTBO – Fundamentals

Gym Rules

1) Introduce yourself to newcomers

2) Check in/sign up for class

3) Respect other athletes’ space and equipment (do not drop empty barbell, KB, DB, or barbell w/ 10’s)

4) Wipe down equipment (rig, kettlebells, barbells, mats, etc)

5) Be positive and show your support

6) Only put equipment away once everyone has completed WOD

7) No pets inside

8) No food or drinks on computer desk, by PA system, or speakers

9) Take off outdoor shoes at front door (running in a wod is different)

10) Minimal fragrances (allergies)


PVC Pipe

– dislocates and good mornings

Concept2 Rower

– how to maintain and handle rower (cleaning and do not quick release handle)

– learn technique – row 500m


– Kettlebell Swings – Russian and American (KBS)

– Box Jumps (BJ)

– Squats

– Air

– Back (BS)

Metcon (Time)



Box Jumps

Air Squats