CrossFit PTBO – Fundamentals

Gym Rules

1) Introduce yourself to people you do not know

2) Sign up/check into class

3) Respect other athletes’ space and equipment (do not drop empty barbell, KB, DB, or barbell w/ 10’s)

4) Wipe down equipment (rig, kettlebells, barbells, mats, etc)

5) Be positive/show your support and only put equipment away once everyone has completed WOD

6) Take off outdoor shoes at front door/Use empty shelf for bags

7) Minimal fragrances and no pets inside (allergies)

8) Stay home if you are sick/have anything contagious


PVC Pipe

– dislocates and good mornings

Concept2 Rower

– how to maintain and handle rower (cleaning, do not quick release handle)

– learn technique – row 500m


– Kettlebell Swings – Russian and American

– Box Jumps

– Push Ups (Scaled: from box)

– Squats

– Air

– Back (BS)

– Front (FS)

Metcon (Time)


500m row

40 squats

30 sit ups

20 push ups

10 burpees