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Within the first few years of CrossFitting, both Dave and Ruth have wanted to open their own CrossFit box in Peterborough, Ontario. With hard work, perseverance and making sure to always think about what the community wants, they have opened one of the best boxes in the area.


When choosing a facility to house a CrossFit box and the CrossFit PTBO Weightlifting Club, there are many considerations to be made; no compromises were made when choosing the current location. From its large gym space, to its specialized weightlifting area, everything has a purpose. This is one CrossFit box you will not forget. 


From the rig to the couches, one of the pillars of CrossFit PTBO is supporting and fostering the community. With social gatherings, and trips to competitions, there is something for everyone.


The CrossFit community is what makes it unique. Dave and Ruth embrace the community around them and continually solicit feedback and advice from it. We are all in this together.

How Did 

CrossFit PTBO Start

CrossFit PTBO was born July 2015 – our doors officially opened end of August 2015. They had a vision of what they wanted in a CrossFit gym and there was nothing like it in town. They took the leap and decided to open up CrossFit PTBO.

Their first location was 638 The Kingsway and it was just over 4000 sqft of space. They made it their own space but they always knew this wasn’t going to be their home. Dave began working full-time at the gym as of January 2016 and by a stroke of luck, around May 2016, they found their second location, 680 The Queensway (over 6000 sqft). All the stars lined up and they moved into their new location July 2016.

They have been evolving since then by building up their personal training portfolio, growing the Weightlifting Club, expanding in group CrossFit classes, and specialty programs. They are constantly trying to reinvest into the business.

As of June 2019, Ruth has joined Dave to be at the business full-time. They are committed to their staff and members and are driven to providing the best services. 


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    "Great atmosphere and great coaches!"

    Kathryn Blackthorne

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